"The future depends upon what we do in the present" Mahatma Gandhi

Welcome To Controller of Communication Accounts Punjab Department of Telecommunications

"When I took office, only high energy Physicists had heard of what is called World Wide Web… Now my cat has its own page" Bill Clinton, 1996.

Internet, also known as the 'World Wide Web', has changed our lives significantly. In 1962, J.C.R Licklider proposed a global network of computers and later that year, moved on to Defense Advanced Research Projects to actually develop it. After sometime, the theory of packet switching was developed by Leonard Kleinrock, which formed the basis of internet connections. In the year 1965, Lawrence Roberts of MIT connected a Massachusetts computer with a California computer over dial-up telephone lines.. In 1966, Roberts shifted to DARPA, to develop his plan for ARPANET (Advanced Research Project Agency). The dream was realized in 1969, when ARPANET was brought online. The first national commercial online service to offer Internet access to its subscribers was Delphi. In 1992, it offered an email connection and full Internet service. In 1995, the limitations on commercial use disappeared, as National Science Foundation ended its sponsorship of the Internet backbone. After this, the commercial market saw a major shift, with Bill Gates Microsoft's full scale entry into the browser, server, and Internet Service Provider. In 1998, Windows 98 was launched, with the Microsoft browser well integrated into the desktop. Since then, World Wide Web hasn't looked back. The objective of the World Wide Web can be summed up in one word-Communications. Through this website, hoping to fulfill this objective.

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