IMPORTANT NOTICE: VRS-2019 Retirees having date of Superannuation upto 31.07.2020 are requested to send their option regarding Commutation of fraction of Pension alongwith cancelled cheque immediately through concerned SSAs.(FORM-1)(Please Click Here)

General Provident Fund

Permanent / Temp. Government Employee are eligible to subscribe a minimum of 6 percent of emoluments and a maximum of total emoluments means pay excludes D.A. Recovery should be stopped before 3 months of retirement.


Only members of family can be nominated. If having no family, any person /persons including a company / Associates body of individuals/a charitable or other trust or fund can be nominated. Fresh nomination can be made by canceling previous nomination.

Final Payment

GPF final payment will be made when the subscriber-
Retires from service/permitted to retire or declared by a competent Medical Authority to be unfit for further services.
Proceeds on leave preparatory to retirement.
Quits service.
Is dismissed /removed from services.

Annual interest of GPF

Financial Year Interest Rate
1999-2000 12%
2000-2001 11%
2001-2002 9.5 %
2002-2003 9%
2003-2004 to 30.11.2011 8%
01.12.2011 to 31.03.2012 8.6%
2012-2013 8.8%
2013-2014 8.7%
2014-2015 8.7%
2015-2016 8.7%
01.04.2016-30.09.2016 8.1%
01.10.2016-31.03.2017 8.0%
01.04.2017-30.06.2017 7.9%
01.07.2017-till date 7.8%

Deposit Linked insurance Scheme

When a GPF subscriber dies after having put in five years service, the person receiving the fund balance will be paid an additional amount if the balance at credit had not fallen below the under mentioned limits at any time during the 3 years proceeding the month of death:

Subscriber was drawing Minimum monthly balances
Grade pay less than Rs 1400 pm 6000
Grade pay Rs 1400 pm or more but less than Rs 4200 pm 10000
Grade pay of Rs4200pm or more but less than Rs 4800 pm 15000
Grade pay of Rs 4800pm or more 25000

In case of missing employees payments can be made to the nominee/legal hairs after expiry of a period of seven years on production of proper proof of death or a decree of the Govt.

GPF Accounting: CCA offices maintain employee wise GPF broadsheets in respect of employees working in BSNL. Amounts collected and amounts paid out of the GPF accounts in respect of the employees working in BSNL, are settled and taken to the Govt. head of account through the CCA office. The CCA office also ensures that there is no anomaly in the account of any individual employee. For example the GPF contribution in any month can not exceed the basic pay of the employee.

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