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Internet Service Providers

The Licensee shall be bound by the terms and conditions of the Licence Agreement as well as by such orders/directions/regulations of the TRAI Act, 1997 as amended from time to time and instructions as are issued by the Licensor/TRAI.

List of Internet Service Providers including Internet Telephony is as under:

S.No. Internet Service Provider Category
1 M/s Apnatelelink Pvt. Ltd. ISP-IT
2 M/s SAB Infotech Ltd., Punjab ISP-IT
3 M/s SAB Infotech Ltd., Dharamshala ISP-IT
4 M/s SAB Infotech Ltd., Hisar ISP
5 M/s SAB Infotech Ltd., Karnal ISP-IT
6 M/s SAB Infotech Ltd., Ambala ISP
7 M/s Infotel Broadband Service Pvt. Ltd. ISP-IT
8 M/s Boss Telenet Pvt. Ltd. ISP
9 M/s Fast Lynx Internet Service Pvt. Ltd. ISP

Assessment and Collection of License Fee in respect of ISPs:

The work relating to assessment and collection of License Fee in respect of ISPs was transferred to this office vide OM No. 1-6(2001)/LF(Vol.II) dated 24-09-08, effective from financial year 2008-09. Gross Revenue/Adjusted Gross Revenue has been specified for each License separately since the Revenue streams and applicable deductions may vary. In case of CMRTS, the License Fee is based on the fixed charges per terminal on per annum

Check List of Annual Assessment of License Fee:

  • Audited Annual Accounts
  • Quarterly Audited AGR Statements
  • Audited Reconciliation Statements reconciling the Revenues reported in the quarterly statement of Revenue and License Fee and audited annual accounts.
  • Audited operator wise details of pass through and roaming charges claimed as deductions.
  • Audited Details of Service Tax Sales Tax billed collected and paid etc as defined in the License Agreements

The Gross Revenue reported is reconciled with the Revenue appearing in the Profit & Loss Account of the company. While reconciling, following schedules/reports attached with the accounts are reviewed.

  • Accounting policies
  • Notes on Accounts
  • Auditors Reports and Management replies thereto
  • Schedule relating to other income
  • Schedule relating to Finance Expenses from where related items of income have been netted off.

Adjusted Gross Revenue:

The Gross Revenue shall be inclusive of revenue from Internet access service, revenue from internet contents, revenue from Internet Telephony Service, revenue from activation charges, revenue from sale, lease or renting of bandwidth, links, revenue from permissible sharing of infrastructure and any other miscellaneous revenue, without any set off for related item of expense etc. For arriving at the AGR, following are to be excluded from the Gross Revenue.

  • Charges from pure Internet Service, activation charges from pure Internet subscribers.
  • Service Tax on provision of service and Sales Tax actually paid by the Government if the Gross Revenue had included as component of Sales Tax and Service Tax.
  • Roaming Revenue actually passed on to other eligible/entitled Telecom Service provider. ISPs pay 6 percent of their AGR as License Fee. Interest is to be charged on delayed/unpaid/short payment of License Fee. Presently the interest rate is SBIs PLR prevailing as on 1st April of that year plus 2 percent. Interest is compounded monthly. In case there is a dispute between CCA office and an operator in consequence of any demand raised by CCA office, the dispute will be examined at Headquarters by the competent authority.

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