IMPORTANT NOTICE: VRS-2019 Retirees having date of Superannuation upto 31.07.2020 are requested to send their option regarding Commutation of fraction of Pension alongwith cancelled cheque immediately through concerned SSAs.(FORM-1)(Please Click Here)

License Fee


Work relating to collection of License Fee in the form of Revenue Share in respect of cellular and basic services was handed over to CCA offices w.e.f January 2004. The license fee payments which are collected quarterly for a financial year are due on 15th of April, July, October and January. The payment received in advance by 25th March for 4th quarter should not be less than the amount paid for the previous quarter. Since the collection of License Fee is being monitored at the highest level, instant communication of collections received by the CCA office is made to DoT Hqrs. As soon as the collection are received, a report is sent on the same day or succeeding day by FAX followed by a postal confirmation to DoT Hqrs. In addition a monthly report on the collections received during the month is also sent to Hqrs. DoT Hqr. has delegated the work of verification of deduction from Gross Revenue by Licensees on account of PSTN charges and roaming charges paid to other operators and Sales Tax/ Service Tax paid to the Government. The work of verification has been taken up in accordance with instructions.

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